CoolAir Portable AC Reviews- Price & How To Buy In USA, UK, CA & FR?


CoolAir Portable AC helps to get cool air where you go. Visit official website, know benefits, working, how to use, features & price for sale in US, UK, CA.

Set your own temperature with this Portable Personal Cooler Fan- CoolAir Portable AC

  • Three-speed controlled fan
  • USB-powered design
  • Can cool, humidify and purify the air
  • Built-in water tank lasts up to 8 hours

CoolAir is a three-speed controlled fan which is powered by a connection to a USB port.

It is compact and has a portable design, so whether you are in the office, working from home or staying at a friend’s, you’ll be able to take it with you wherever you go. This device cools, purifies and humidifies the air around you, creating a personal space that suits you. It has a mood light setting, with 7 different colour options to set the tone for your day or night.

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How does CoolAir Portable AC work?

The CoolAir desktop fan is powered by connecting to a USB port.

It has a small tank which you fill with water. This is what allows the device to act as a humidifier and purify the air around you. A motor powers the fan and the optional LED mood lighting system once connected to a USB port.

  • Open the door easily
  • Open it, add water or ice
  • Connect with a power supply
  • Anhydrous automatic power-off

How to use it?

Using CoolAir could not be simpler. In less than a minute you can be enjoying the benefits of a beautifully temperature-controlled personal space.

  • Fill the tank with cold water.
  • Plug the USB cable into a USB port.
  • Enjoy the fresh, clean air around you.
  • Remember to top up the water tank at least every 8 hours.
  • Unwrap the device and remove packaging.

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Why listen to us, when you can listen to our satisfied customers?

“I am always warmer than everyone else in my office. We have a centrally controlled system, and I was sick of always being too hot. A friend recommended CoolAir to me, and I haven’t looked back! I can control the temperature of my own personal space without affecting anyone around me. It’s amazing!”


CoolAir customer

“I struggle to sleep without white noise at night. CoolAir is so small and compact that I can take it with me whenever I have to stay away for work. The mood lighting setting is an extra bonus, which helps me relax enough to fall asleep in an unfamiliar hotel room”


CoolAir customer

CoolAir: the first personal space cooler in the world Benefits

  • It is a Air Purifier.
  • It is a Air Cooler.
  • Air Humidifier


CoolAir Portable AC Pricing:

Cost to Consumer:
1 CoolAir – $89.00
2 CoolAir – $177.00
3 CoolAir – $267.00

Countries List Where You can Buy CoolAir Portable AC:

United States, Canada, France & United Kingdom

How To Order CoolAir Portable AC In Your Country?

Just click on any link or image & visit official website of CoolAir Portable AC. There you can get it at offer price.

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