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Instantly Fresh Pest Repeller :

Instantly Fresh Pest Repeller insect repellent from Max Moxie is a two-pack of plug-in devices. They release ultrasonic (22-65Khz) frequency acoustic wave that are expensive for humans to hear yet are definitely in the audible series of mice.

The audio will come to be extremely irritating for them, causing them to spend less time in your home and also more time elsewhere. This is a really inexpensive solution.

Put among these in each room of your home, about 2-4 feet above the floor. Plug them in (up and down not flat) and also turn them on. Provide regarding 3-4 weeks to take complete impact. This is plug-n-play simplicity at its finest.


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Benefits Of Instantly Fresh Pest Repeller :

Home Sanitation: Maintaining your residence clean methods more than not leaving food crumbs laying about. It indicates utilizing bleach as well as other cleansers to remove odors that will certainly attract mice. Keep in mind just how delicate their noses are. However they can’t smell something that isn’t there. If you keep your cooking area spotless and clean the dining room table off with soap as well as water, there will be less to attract them in.

Food Contained: See to it all the food containers in the cupboards are closed to stop appealing odors from permeating out. As an example; don’t simply put a clip on a bag of potato chips, roll it up tight, then placed the clip on there. Even much better, put the chips inside a gallon plastic bag and also seal it. Go through all your kitchen cabinets and cupboards to see to it there’s nothing exposed that might lure them in.

Connect Up Holes: Put on your Sherlock Holmes deerstalker hat and go hunting for any type of openings the computer mice are using to get into your home and plug them up with steel wool. Mice like to munch on points but the steel wool will certainly reduce their gums when they munch on it. They do not such as pain any more than we do so they’ll stop very promptly when they encounter it.

Wastebasket Upkeep: Keep the outdoor trash cans as much from your home as possible. Use plastic bags for all your garbage, and also be sure you connect it limited when you take it out. Additionally, a favorite trick of ours is to put a brick or more in addition to the wastebasket lid to hold it shut so they can’t wriggle through.

Obtain a Feline: Felines are natural predators. Even if you feed them excessive they still won’t have the ability to withstand pursuing computer mice and playing with them before ultimately eliminating them.


Pros :

  • Repels All Kinds of Insect and Rodent
  • Non Toxic, No Chemicals Included
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Fast Charging and Low Electricity Consumption
  • Does Not Interfere with Appliances


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Absolutely Not! Our device uses 100% safe ultrasonic sounds that are way to high for pets to hear.

We send all orders via United States Postal Service (USPS) or other courier option within 7-10 business days due to high demand. If you have any questions or want expedited shipping we can arrange that for an added surcharge.

The device is effective up to around 250 square feet. Most homes can protect their entire home and garage with 6 units.

Results will vary but on average you will see results within 2 weeks. Try moving the devices around your home to make sure all areas are covered.

You need to allow 2-3 weeks to see full results. The pests will come out of hiding during the first few days because they are trying to escape the ultrasonic soundwaves. Give it time to work and you will see amazing results.


Instantly Fresh Pest Repeller User Reviews :

Jose V.

I give 5 stars. “This pest repeller is fantastic! We got cockroaches in our house and this made them crawl away out of our house. It keeps raining here in our city which means cockroaches and other bugs come out and go into our house, but after installing this I haven’t seen any cockroaches, spiders, even ants. And I can confirm that it’s safe with pets, I got 3 cats and 1 dog and it doesn’t seem to affect them, actually I don’t think they even notice it. ”

Steven B.

My home is pest-free. Yay! “I wish I learned about this product sooner. I could’ve saved $600/year for a pest control guy who’s work isn’t really effective, mice just come back again. But with this product I’m very impressed, it’s been 3 months now and I haven’t seen one mouse. So far I haven’t noticed any behavior changes on my dogs, so it’s true it’s safe for pets.”

Pamela K.

I never even got the promised surge of bugs as they exited my house. I have the same amount now as I did before I tried these, and I’ve gotten some mice. Reading up on the subject, mice are sensitive to sound waves, but they would need to be in concentrations that they would affect you and your pets before they would be unbearable to the mice.

Barbara L.

Love this. Worth every penny! We live in the country and have livestock…. which is a bug magnet. We have always had issues with flies, stink bugs and mosquitoes getting in the house. Within 5 days, there were literally NO BUGS in our house and the ones who fly in open doors fly right back out!! There is no humming/buzzing or irritating sounds that my family or dogs can detect. Wish I had found these sooner.

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