LiveGuard Pro Reviews Updated 2020: Security Light Bulb Camera Price For Sale

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LiveGuard Pro

LiveGuard Pro Reviews: is below to allow you know the most effective way to monitor your home under complete surveillance. We all feel like having a functional CCTV in your home but when some of us listen to the quantity and cost of keeping it, the hunger for video-processing house security camera has a tendency to move out of our mind.

Imagine that you had an easy and cost effective security camera that only you understand where it is at home. Would certainly any kind of robber go free after burglarizing your apartment or condo? Most definitely, No! It is not possible as the light bulb will certainly take a clip of his face identity and also the needed details needed to track the criminal.

In view of this, we are mosting likely to take into consideration a very dependable security device that works like a watching-dog to secure your house. Below we will certainly think about every little thing you require to learn about this item– including the pros as well as the cons of this security tool. We will speak about its functions and also other advantages affixed. I will additionally offer you a secure web link whereby you can purchase this from the manufacturer business.

Why do we need security camera in your home?

Many individuals have shed a lot of their items without a trace to exactly how it obtained missing. Occasionally, this take place through a person living in the same apartment, various other times, it originates from outsiders. Whoever it is that did it might not be understand without genuine proof. Trouble similar to this comes when the person whose residential or commercial property obtained missing can not manage to place sophisticated security camera around his house as a result of power supply concerns, financial concerns or since placing them might still be seen by the individual who is doing the stealing. Envision on your own as the very own of the things swiped.

What is LiveGuard Pro?

LiveGuard Pro Security Light Bulb Camera with real LED lighting is an advanced security camera in its most concealed kind. Initially every person will just see this safety light bulb like the typical light bulb utilized in the houses as it is ostensibly appearing as well as operating as a basic light with 36 bright white light bulbs that light up a whole space, the spy light bulb’s hidden integrated cam captures photos with 1080p HD high quality in 12mp resolution with playback for smooth viewing as well as aesthetic information.

The good idea right here is that through the Wi-Fi function and also free mobile iOS and also Android offered watching apps, you can watch and listen to what is happening in real time from throughout the world.

Additionally, when LiveGuard Pro electronic camera is set off by motion detection, you get instantaneous notifications directly to your phone, guaranteeing you are educated in time to respond to the provided circumstance. The innovative 160 level wide-angle allows for a very broad view that detects ideal insurance coverage. As a normal light bulb, this spy light bulb fits in any kind of standard socket.

A simple, reliable anti-theft as well as evidence-gathering device, the Guard Dog Safety Concealed Lightbulb Camera lets you see live streaming remotely and undetected. Perfect for office or home protection, or for care-taking for kids as well as the senior, this camera calls for no installment, tools or troublesome

Benefits of LiveGuard Pro Security Light Bulb Web Cam:

  • 12 megapixel hid camera with 1080p video clip in a 160 level incredibly wide-angle lens for ultra crisp videos as well as shots
  • 36 brilliant white bulbs will certainly illuminate the whole area while completely hiding the camera
  • avoiding even the most skilled eye from understanding
  • View anywhere with complimentary mobile application (obtainable on iphone and Android platforms).
  • Detection attributes consists of immediate alerts sent to your phone and also integrated microphone to provide you seem and noise.
  • No screws, cables or installation needed.
  • The camera connects to Wi-Fi in minutes and also is ready to go.

Package Materials.

LiveGuard Pro Safety And Security Light Bulb Web Cam.

See whats taking place in your home, shop or workplace with our Wi-fi Infrared Light Night Vision HD Wide-View Hidden Light-bulb Camera. This product doubles as a standard 5w LED ligh-bulb in addition to a CCTV cam. The integrated battery means you can still videotape or accessibility video clip even when the primary power supply has is out.

Main Features of LiveGuard Pro.

  • 1080P: very clear as well as crystal photo.
  • 360-degree viewing angle,fish-eye lens.
  • Push-button control: the electronic camera can be managed by IOS or Android APP. Enjoy on your home whenever and anywhere feasible.
  • 30 minutes Integrated battery allows you to save the last video when power’s off.
  • Motion detection: alarm system will generate when activities are detected and also real-time alert will send to your cellular phone.
  • Assistance loop recording.
  • Support Micro SD card max to 64GB (not consisted of).
  • Easily installed (straightforward plug-n-play).
  • Assistance IOS and Android, view the online video together with recording as well as playback.
  • Screen indoor areas such as family rooms, nurseries, garages, stockroom, office, shop, etc
  • Great for baby treatment, pet dog care as well as the senior when you are out.

Technical Specifications:

  • Video inscribe: H. 264.
  • Power supply: 85 ~ 264V, Air Conditioner.
  • Cam Resolution: 1920 * 1080P.
  • OS Support: IOS as well as Android.
  • Lens Angle: Wide angle 130 °.
  • Light LED Color: Cold white/Warm White/Color.
  • Light LED: 5W.
  • Working Temperature: -10 ~ +60 ℃.
  • IR LED: 940nm, 3W.
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/.
  • Backup Supply: Up-to 30 minutes.


This protection bulb is past the normal safety bulb you see available. It has effective methods of communicating what is occurring to your house irrespective of your place, and offers you actual view and also identification of the individual carrying out the act. With the above attributes and specifications I am really bold to recommend it to you as an economical but yet very powerful security camera as well as electric bulb. For even more of our testimonial, examine our Evaluation web page. You can also inspect a related protection gadget below.

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