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SmartCam Pro

SmartCam Pro: The Tiny, Discreet Video Recorder Taking the World By Storm

Even with its extra small size, the SmartCam Pro has incredible smart technology capabilities. At the size of a coin, the SmartCam Pro packs in a high-definition 1080p, wide-angle, night vision camera with smartphone compatibility. Making the SmartCam Pro the best tool on the market for home or office security, for monitoring kids, elderlies or your pets as well as personal camera for online meetings or activity camera for outdoor sports.

Why Do So Many Customers Love the SmartCam Pro?

SmartCam Pro Uses

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Extra Small and Easy to Hide

Need to increase the video security of your front door? Want to record your pet’s behavior to avoid damaged furniture? Need something to keep track of your children from another room? Then the SmartCam Pro has you covered. At the size of a coin, you can hide this camera anywhere – making it the perfect tool for hidden video recording. Utilizing a black finish and an adjustable magnetic bracket, the SmartCam Pro can also be placed on any surface to better monitor all indoor or outdoor areas. With quick and responsive updates, it’s also well suited for tasks like serving as a baby monitor.

1080p Wide-Angle Camera

Despite its small size, the SmartCam Pro’s technology packs a punch. With a 1080p wide-angle camera, the SmartCam Pro can record high-definition footage of entire rooms or spaces from a single corner. Like most things, though, the SmartCam Pro is most effective in a group. With multiple SmartCam Pro’s, you will be able to upgrade your security to completely monitor any space from every angle.

Infrared No-Light Night Vision

Unlike other video cameras, the SmartCam Pro’s video capture isn’t hindered by the time of day. With its advanced no-light night vision technology, the SmartCam Pro can record any space at any hour of the day. Other no-light cameras will show red diodes, revealing their recording. But the SmartCam Pro is completely discreet with zero light emissions to keep it perfectly hidden. Thus, maximizing your video quality as well as your security.

Motion and Voice Alarm Detection

This camera not only connects to the internet via a Wi-Fi connection, but it also communicates directly with your smartphone via a downloadable app. Compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones, the SmartCam Pro can send any motion and voice alarms it detects directly to your phone, allowing you to confidently leave your space without worry or concern.

SmartCam Pro 2021

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What Makes the Smart Cam Pro Better Than Other Security Cameras?

  • Miniature Size: No bigger than your thumb, the SmartCam Pro can hide anywhere and everywhere.
  • 1080p Wide-Angle Camera: Maximize your video and security coverage of every space with the SmartCam Pro’s high definition, wide-angle coverage.
  • No-Light Night Vision: With no light emission in no-light mode, your Smart Cam Pro will be almost impossible to detect at night.
  • Motion Detection and Notification: With an accompanying smartphone app, you can receive live notifications of any sound or motions disturbances at just the click of a button.
  • Wide Range of Use: SmartCam Pro has almost unlimited possibilities on how You can use it – home or office security, online meetings, baby or pet monitor, car video recorder or outdoor activity camera. You name it!
  • Supports SD Memory Card: Implement an SD memory card for added storage and capacity, meaning more video or images.
  • Rechargeable Long-Lasting Battery: With the SmartCam Pro, you get hours of video security off of one battery charge, keeping you safe for longer.
  • Adjustable Bracket and Clip Included: A good security camera can capture every important angle. The Smart Cam Pro includes a bracket that’s easy to manipulate as well as clip, which you can easily attach to your jacket or a bag.
SmartCam Pro Where To Use

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What Some of Our Customers Are Saying:

Craig (Marketing) 
“Now I have about 4 SmartCam Pros and my family and I have never felt safer.”

“Incredible product! Ever since I bought my first SmartCam Pro I have been able to monitor my home from anywhere. Sometimes I’ll be at work and get motion alerts straight to my phone – luckily it’s usually the mailman. Now I have about 4 Smartcam Pros and my family and I have never felt safer.”

 Isha (Store Owner)

“If you need store or office security I highly recommend the SmartCam Pro.”

“I own a small business, and for a while, I was really concerned about the safety of my materials at my store. After I bought the Smart Cam Pro, I have been able to monitor all activity in my shop – even at night! Now my products and my wallet are safe… If you need store or office security I highly recommend the Smart Cam Pro!”

SmartCam Pro WorkingSmartCam Pro off Price

 Neil (Car Dealer)

“A great product that secures my house when I’m there and when I’m away.”

“With my SmartCam Pro, every time I leave the house I feel safe. If my kids are at home while I go to the store, I know that, with my Smartcam Pro, I can be alerted of any danger. My dog also has a habit of clawing furniture and being a miscreant, so the motion alerts are great for keeping him in check. A great product that secures my house when I’m there and when I’m away.”


“I am impressed with this product and would 100% recommend it.”

“This is a great product, especially for the price. I spent hundreds of dollars finding the best camera. I tried out different cameras and these were a huge pain to set up and use. But this one is incredibly easy. The video quality is great. The night vision is great. I am impressed with this product and would 100% recommend it.”


“A perfect kit for all your needs.”

“I love the crisp and clear picture and recording of this little thing! Very discreet and unnoticeable to others. Nice advantage of the motion sensor! Truly a sneaky little thing! Comes with cords to watch the footage on a big screen, a camera mount, lanyard, clipper mount, and a USB drive. A perfect kit for all your needs.”

SmartCam Pro Benefits

The Most Important Addition to Your Security

At an extra small size, the Smart Cam Pro can discreetly record any environment. Even at night, the SmartCam Pro uses its no-light, infrared night vision that secures your space at all hours of the day. With a high-definition, 1080p, wide-angle lens, you can effectively record large spaces with high amounts of detail. Stop worrying about the safety of your home, kids or your pet or take it with Your car or outdoor activities.

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