SolarGuard Pro Driveway Alarm- Reviews, Working, Features & Price

SolarGuard Pro is a powerful solar driveway alarm system. It makes you and your family safe from any unwanted objects near your home. Visit official website, side effects, working, features & how to order at 50% off in your country.

SolarGuard Pro

What is Solar Driveway Alarm?

Protecting your home starts the minute someone enters your property, and for many that’s via the driveway. Whether you want additional security measures to protect your garage and home or just want the peace of mind that you won’t be caught off-guard by an unexpected visitor or package delivery, a driveway alarm could be a good investment. Keep reading for the best driveway alarm (SolarGuard Pro) in the market and tips for choosing the best alarm for your home.

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A driveway alarm will alert you the minute someone steps onto your property, and you’ll know who’s coming up your driveway before they even get to your front door. If you want to improve home security or just have a little more peace of mind before falling asleep at night, a driveway alarm may be a good option.

A driveway alarm is a home security device that’s designed to detect people or vehicles entering through a driveway. It’s often included with a more comprehensive home security system and alerts homeowners of unexpected intruders or visitors. Driveway Alarm is ideal for driveway, garage, office, backyard or farm security. It will not only prevent burglars or other unwanted intruders like animals, but will increase the value of Your property.

SolarGuard Pro Working

How Does a SolarGuard Pro Driveway Alarm Work?

Most driveway alarm systems are composed of a sensor, or transmitter, and a receiver. The sensor is placed at the start of the driveway and, depending on the range of the system, will transmit a signal to the receiver placed within the house when someone or something passes in front of the passive infrared (PIR) sensor.

The latest driveway alarm technologies work on solar energy and one must not worry about changing batteries or risk of getting caught unprepared in a dangerous situation when alarm has not been triggered due to empty batteries.

SolarGuard Pro Reviews 2021

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SolarGuard Pro Amazing Features

  • It is solar powered with built in batteries – no need to change or replace batteries and worry they are empty at the most inappropriate time.
  • It’s made from build-to-last materials with IP65 Waterproof standard.
  • SolarGuard Pro has high quality reliable motion sensors.
  • It’s police like alarm lights with 190dB sound will scare away the potential intruders.
  • You may adjust alarm levels for your own comfort.
  • It is super easy to install.
  • It fits perfectly for Home, Office, Farm, Garage, Backyard etc.
  • You may extend the coverage by simply mounting additional SolarGuard Pro devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I install a SolarGuard Pro driveway alarm?

A: Find a key point at the entrance of your driveway to install the sensor. Depending on the system you choose, you may need to mount it closer to the ground. If you choose battery operated sensors, we recommend to mount it closer to the ground – either need to be strapped to a fence or mailbox post or screwed into a post or tree. That is not a case however for the Solar driveway alarm, since it’s batteries are recharged from solar energy and you may mount it in less accessible spots for potential intruders. Set the alarm sound you want for each zone of your alarm system

Q: Where should I install my driveway alarm?

A: We recommend installing your driveway alarm at the start of your driveway, either on a fence, mailbox post, or tree.

Q: How does a SolarGuard Pro driveway alarm work?

A: A sensor detects motion and alarms you sounding the alarm and notifying you someone is coming up your driveway.

Q: Who would benefit from a SolarGuard Pro driveway alarm?

A: Driveway alarms are especially beneficial for those who live in rural areas or on more secluded properties. While many choose these areas for privacy and quiet, it can pose a security risk if you’re unaware of someone coming up your driveway.

Real User Reviews:

SolarGuard Pro Reviews Real Users

Which Solar Driveway Alarm Should I buy? Is it expensive?

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